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Enter Auzzie.....

I did not want to alarm Leonardo........ but there is more that I am thinking of right now other than himself and Raphael..... Much more.... I didn't want to alarm him to anything....

For 2 full days now, I have felt a strong shift in the earth's balance of power...... the power that creates this shift is immense....... and only one person I know of has that power............. but for now, he will have to wait........ I cannot meet him now....... The others might suspect something hidden...... and that would lessen their trust in me.

You wished to see me Master Splinter? Yes, Galileo...... but I requested both yourself and Venus.... Where is she?

I would not know Master Splinter. She was not with me when Michaelangelo came for me. I was meditating alone. I must speak with both of you, but for now, sit down and we shall speak. I understand, Master Splinter.

Galileo...... I know that you are still troubled by some things..... and I cannot help you with them.... But sometimes, part of the problem is not telling others what they are. I have noticed that you are seeming to be preoccupied lately.... what is the matter?

I still miss my family, Master Splinter. I miss my home as well.... That is not all, Galileo..... what else troubles you? I cannot answer that, Master Splinter. I was bound by an oath not to reveal this last thing that bothers me. Otherwise, I am still having problems with Raphael.

Ah, I see, Galileo... I will not ask you to break your trust. As for Raphael, we both know that he needs time..... I will try to speak with him about why he pushes you away.....

Thank you Master Splinter. You are welcome, Galileo. I respect you for helping me with Raphael... right now, he is the only blood family that I have.

I understand Galileo... It is sometimes hard to deal with problems that tie so closely to one's self.

I am sorry for being late Master Splinter... What is it that you have requested me for?

Sit down, Venus... Galileo, come here and sit down..... Alright Master Splinter...

I have called both of you here because you are the two most responsible of all six turtles living here. I have noticed the two of you trying to maintain peace among the others when you thought that I was away...... that is why I have called you here.

I will be leaving for three days, to meditate in the mountains.... You will both need to maintain the peace around the lair while I am gone. I will not be here to help later on. I am going to let the others know that I have put both of you in charge.

They may not agree with this.... but it is better than not having any peace here at all. I am sorry to put you in such a situation as this, Galileo, with your current problems with Raphael.

That is alright Master Splinter. I accept the responsibility fully.

Venus, I am also sorry to put you in such a situation, knowing that the others do not always respect you.

I understand Master Splinter, and accept the task.

Thank you, my friends..... you have lifted a burden from an old rat's shoulders.... even if it is only temporary.

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