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Enter Auzzie.....

Welcome back, Master Splinter. We have been waiting for you to return.

Ahhh.... very good. You have both proven yourselves as trustworthy and responsible. You even cleaned.

We did not clean. We made the others clean up after themselves. They were such pigs.

Yes, Master Splinter.... the others act like pigs. Michaelangelo left food all over the lair.... some of it started going bad.

I shall have to talk to Michaelangelo about that..... and the others?

They were just as bad..... Donatello left his experiments out in the middle of the lair. Raphael left his weights around the lair, and Leonardo left hunting books scattered about. They are slobs.

I shall talk to them. You have done well Venus, Galileo. Go now, back to your normal duties. An old rat thanks you.

You are so a slob, Raphael!!! You are a pig..... a filthy pig.

And just what's wrong with bring a pig, shinobi? I happen to like living this way!!!

Well you certainly seem like you enjoy yourself while living like a pig!!! Pigs are probably cleaner than you are!!!

Shut up Shinobi!!

Why should I? I am simply stating the truth!!! You are always so quick to tell others to shut up, when you are constantly picking on others just as much.

Yeah, well if you don't like it, why don't you just leave?!?!

Fine, I will!!!...... hmph...... ninjas........

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