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Auzzie's #TMNT FanArt GiveAway Contest.....

Sorry, No More Contests!!!

That's right, people. The fanart giveaway has been shut down. I will not be having anymore contests. I have left IRC's #TMNT for the last time, and will not be returning to it. So, until I change the way I pick winners.... and until I make more stuff, there won't be anymore contests.

Hola!!! So you want to know about my FanArt GiveAway Contest..... Here's a description:

My FanArt GiveAway® Contest, is basically a drawing..... I choose 40 names at random in #tmnt on IRC, and what I do is I flip a coin, stopping everytime I decrease the number by 1/2, to record the names that are left..... once I reach 5 names, I will go "eenie meenie miny moe" to decide on a winner for that particular GiveAway. The winner will receive works of FanArt, created by myself.... the prize varies depending on what I have available for sending. The prizes have my full effort placed into them, and I will only ship works that I feel are worthy of being sent.

Here's Some Prizes:

1. Hand drawn sketchings of TMNT, NT: TNM, and villains from both shows.

2. Cut and polished stones in the shape of turtle shells (quantity is determined by size of stone).

3. Any other type of fanart from NT: TNM created by Auzzie.


1. Contest is only open to people who are known by Auzzie and seen on and off in IRC's #TMNT over a period of 2 months.

2. You are automatically disqualified if you are not a fan of TMNT/NT: TNM or have been caught mass advertising websites/IRC channels, or harassing others in #TMNT.

3. Upon winning, all winners must submit their mailing address to Auzzie by signing his guestbook at Auzzie's ShellShock Page, and submitting the mailing address in a PRIVATE MESSAGE (all information is confidential, and will not be disclosed to others without express consent of the winner.)

4. Upon receipt of your prize, if you are a winner, you MUST provide a picture for addition to the winner's pages section of Auzzie's ShellShock Page (please do not send group photos.... Auzzie hates editing them.)

5. All winners MUST agree NOT to disclose Auzzie's mailing address to others, without his express consent.

6. All winners may do whatever they want with their prizes upon receipt, but if the pictures appear on webpages, etc... credit must be given to Auzzie for the creation of these works.

7. All winners are ineligible for further FanArt GiveAway drawings until everyone has had a chance.... in other words, Auzzie won't pick you again until he has run out of names.


I, Auzzie, promise that all prizes won via this contest will be 100% original works, and I will not scan, or post any of the finished products that you receive. I do, retain the right to scan and post teaser pix, or unfinished works. Once they are complete, I will not do this, so that what you have is 100% unique.

Thanx for taking the time to read the description and rules for my FanArt GiveAway contest!!!! I hope you win..... unless you don't meet the requirements for eligibility.... but remember, if you don't win.... just hold on..... you might someday!!!! Coolbeanz and sporks for now!!!!!


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