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Welcome to Auzzie's ShellShock Page!!!

Hola people welcome to ShellShock!!! The ONLY place on the net to get ShellShocked!!! Man... I've been away from here for some time... It's rapidly approaching the end of my little vacation. I'm not looking towards doing anything major with the site... however I will be repairing some of the HTML within the website, such as broken graphics and links... I will also be cleaning up some of the errors in my fanfics, and I will be doing a little HTML revamping within one of the fanfics... who knows... maybe someday I'll even get back into writing fics. I'm still on vacation. I'm still in school, and I'm still in Pennsylvania... I'm really friggin bored here. Drop me a line every now and then in the guestbook... Coolbeanz 4 now!!! It's 3am in the morning... do you know where your SPORK is?!?

NEWSFLASH- I will be in attendance at Mid-Ohio-Con on Nov. 29th and 30th at the Hilton at Easton Town Center, Columbus, OH. Featured guest of notice to TMNT is Kevin Eastman.

This site brought to you in part by SNOOZE, the official party turtle of Auzzie's ShellShock PageŠ Sept. 19, 1997-current.


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You can't contact me anymore... sorry... only Guestbook entries. I'm no longer to be found on IRC DALnet's #TMNT. I stopped going there some time ago... I am the owner of #TMNT2, and you can go there if you wish (I'm hardly ever on #tmnt2, at all though....). I hope to hear from everyone, though....