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Life Disrupted.....

Place: The Lair

Hot Topic: Galileo finishes telling everyone his story.... except for Venus... she's still unconscious.

That is my story... That is how I came to be... Now, the time has come to tell you why I am here. A feeling... or more of a sense has drawn me to you... the sense comes from three of you... Raphael, Michaelangelo, and Venus.

Soo... what's this sense for....?

Like Donatello will probably tell you later, turtles are drawn to others from the same hatching groups... just like sea turtles return to the same beaches every year....

So... you're saying that one of us is your brother?

Or sister.... but, the sense coming from Venus is too weak. Michaelangelo.... this is not true of Raphael and yourself... the sense from you is stronger. None of you were affected by this sense, mostly because I am either not related to you, because I was so far away, and/or you had each other... I only have Master Toshi....

The one I cared for the most, Ti Shen Wah, my adopted sister died... this occurred during her final test to become Dojin, as I mentioned earlier... and Chung I... my other best friend in the world.... he died as well... I was affected because I felt empty....

Those feelings.... the ones Venus had earlier today.... they must belong to you!!!

They must.... I did not mean to harm her intentionally. She is extremely sensitive... the sense links us.... and she could not handle the strain of her own feelings along with mine.... she will be all right... her body and spirit must adjust to filter out my feelings.

How long will this take?

I estimate that she will regain consciousness in a few hours... I must apologize to her when she wakes up.

There is no need to do so... I understand fully. You did not mean to harm me.

Venus?!? You're awake!!!

Yes. I have regained consciousness. I have been listening to Galileo's story, just as you have. I understand the sense that Galileo speaks of, just as Donatello probably does.

I am glad to see that you are well Mei Pieh Chi... It would destroy me if I were to have damaged one of the people that Chung I held most dear...

Now that all of you know who I am, and where I come from, it is time to reveal who my brother is....

Who? I'll bet it's me..... hehehe... I always do draw the most interesting people to me.

It is not you Michaelangelo.... It is not Venus either. My brother, is Raphael...

Well.... at least you fight pretty good.....

I must learn of your lives as well now.... I am sorry about your Katana Leonardo. I did not expect you to attempt such a risky maneuver. My broadsword is made of Titanium Carbonite.... it has superior strength because of this and that I folded the metal over 1,000 times while I was forging it.... I will forge you a new pair... made from titanium.... you deserve this much... you fought well.

Thank you Galileo. Hey...if you know shinobi magic.... why don't you help us fight the DragonLord? What do you say?

I am sorry Leonardo.... that would be impossible. As a Dojin warrior, I am forbidden to use my shinobi magic for fighting. It is only to be used as a spiritual guide and for protection. Dojin code also forbids me to enter an ongoing battle against enemies who have not directly attacked or affected me.

Oh.... can you train us then? In addition to Master Splinter's training?

I cannot.... I am sorry. I can only give you minimal training. Master Splinter knows why this is.... I will allow him to explain.

Galileo is Dojin. As Dojin, he must follow the Dojin code. I am familiar with this part of the Dojin code that he speaks of. A Dojin Warrior is forbidden to train warriors who have already been trained under another Master. Other Masters are brought to teach the Dojin, therefore bypassing this rule, but the student has to start initially as Doja to be able to learn under a Dojin master. Dojin can, however, teach other skills such as Kata, weapon maintenance, and weapon creation.

Oh... that is too bad... he would have been a great deal of help fighting DragonLord, Silver, and Bonesteel. What happens if DragonLord finds out about him? What then?

If I am attacked by DragonLord, or his Rank warriors, then I am allowed to fight. This is the only way, unless he attacks the lair or takes the life of one of you.

What are you going to do now? Will you return home to you master's retreat?

Sadly, I cannot. I am not able to do so for two years. Then, I can only stay for a maximum of three months.... it is part of Dojin code.

Would you like to stay with us Galileo? I am sure that you would like to spend time with your brother....

I can only stay if invited... that is the only way.

I invite you then, to live with us Galileo. We have enough room here for you to live with us.

Thank you Master Splinter. I hope that I am not imposing on you, or on your students.

You are not imposing.... you are family now.

Thank you.... I feel.... somewhat whole again...

The End..... for now anyways....

Well.... that's the end ppl.... I hope you enjoyed reading about Galileo's life. Please let me know what you think, since this is my very first fanfic... you can let me know in my guestbook, or you can e-mail me at Feel free to browse the site for a while, it has a whole bunch of fun things for you... Have a Coolbeans time!!!


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