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Life of a Phoenix.....

Scene: The Lair.... 2 a.m.

Time to rest.... it is now night, and the others have gone to sleep. Yet, I cannot rest. I think back to my days at Master Toshi's retreat... I see my sister, Ti Shen Wah, practicing.... practicing..... then... dying. She died in my presence. I feel partly to blame. She accelerated her studies of Dojin to keep up with me. Now she is gone. I am haunted by her last words to me, yet I cannot disclose them, even to myself. There is a growing sense of mistrust here, and I feel that I am the cause of it.

My brother, Raphael, rejects me, as if I am a freak.... even though we are the same. The rest have mixed emotions about my presence. My presence is disturbing to a few of the others.... like Leonardo. He has questions that he wishes to ask me, but mistrust does not allow him to do so. His mistrust will make him dangerous, if not reckless, in his pursuit of the truth.

I do not know how I can help them to accept my presence... but I do know, that if they do not adapt to my presence soon, mistrust will shatter their lives, just as my pain and confusion has shattered mine.

Scene: Outside Lair.... 3 a.m.

What is wrong Galileo? I am still confused Master Splinter. I fear the growing mistrust between your students at my recent appearance may in fact be tearing your students apart from one another. That would appear so Galileo... but you yourself are not the cause. It is the timing, and the circumstances with which you arrived that has created this mistrust.

I fear that Leonardo is the most affected by the mistrust. He may attempt to seek out a hidden truth that is with you. Raphael might attempt to leave for a bit of time, as well. I know that Master Splinter... I have sensed as much with Leonardo, and I have noticed that Raphael wishes to have nothing to do with me. I am honorless in his eyes.

I shall have a talk with my students, Galileo, but you might want to open up to them a bit more. Venus is the only one who trusts you completely, other than Michaelangelo. Venus has endured a similar ordeal, with her appearance here in America, and understands your position. She is sympathetic towards you.

I have noticed such, Master Splinter, but I do have some secrets that I cannot share. Not even with you. They were my sister's dying words to me. Not even Master Toshi is aware of them. I do have other secrets, but I cannot reveal them at this time. Some are merely unclear to me right now. I have tried to understand them, but they lie mostly in my dreams, which, as of late are not able to be interpreted.

I am sorry to hear such, Galileo. I understand the position that you are in. One's dying words are not taken lightly... especially when it is someone you care about deeply. I will respect your privacy in this matter, but please try to open yourself up to the others a bit more. Doing so is a beginning towards the destruction of the wall of mistrust that has grown within them.

Thank you Master Splinter. You are truly wise. I will try to do as you advise. It is always nice talking with you. You help to clarify things for me. I am sorry that I have woken you up though..... I must have made noise...

No, Galileo... your soul called out to me in my dreams. It is in great pain. You must seek to rid yourself of this pain before it destroys you. It is good that you have made a start, though. Good night.

Good night, Master Splinter. I shall try to quiet my thoughts, and my soul from now on. It would appear that it is a noisy thing, unlike my body.

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