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The Infamous Review.....

Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation....... it airs on Fox Kids at 4:30pm on Friday afternoons..... I got addicted to the Turtles back in 1989 when they 1st premiered, but this show goes to a whole new level...... real time. That's right.... instead of cartoons, they're like the movie..... almost..... this time there's no April O' Neil and no Casey Jones.... and they have some pretty cool vehicles. I took a pretty long break from the Turtles for quite a while, but now the story line is interesting enough to keep me coming back for more. There's even a few new characters. There's Venus de Milo, the 1st female Ninja Turtle, Dragon Lord, Bonesteel (who royally looks like a wuss compared to casey jones.....), Vam Mi, and Dr. Something or other....I forgot the name..... This show is actually pretty good. There is room for some improvement...but overall it would get a pretty high rating. Good show.... watch it!!!

P.S.- If anyone can find autographed pics...real ones...8x10's that are signed by the Turtles from the movies or the Next Mutation cast members, and you wish to donate (free of charge), any of these pictures.... send me an e-mail at my rocketmail address...... do not try to sell me anything..... I am looking for cool things to put on my page..... it is easier for me to scan images and then send them to my webpage than to get a file (they usually corrupt if they are already files and are too big.) I will give an address to send them to in a reply e-mail.

P.P.S.- I am also looking for the original Donatello and Raphael action figures with all of the accessories. E-mail me for further details.

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